where ideas connect™We are a strategic and creative consultancy that achieves results for our clients by connecting them to their audience. We do this by combining our innovative thinking and creativity with the power of technology


The End Picture yourself in a traffic jam. Construction work surrounds you. You feel blocked. Frustrated. Finally you reach the end of the construction. You see a sign, it reads ‘end of work’. Immediately you gather momentum. The road in front of you is clear. That ‘getting somewhere’ feeling kicks in. A lot like working with us. Real progress.

We are a strategic and creative consultancy with an integrated mix of services to help clients achieve results. We are consistently moving brands forward. Like an unblocked road.

capabilities We create strategically-led branding, employee engagement, physical environments, advertising campaigns, innovative digital experiences to drive audience engagement and awareness.

Brand strategy and identity

We are a strategically-led agency with a thirst for a thorough understanding of our clients businesses, changing market forces and trends. We have a unique way of creating ideas that uses design thinking and visual stimulus at the earliest stages to flush out prejudices and speed insights. We are firm believers in co-creation, involving our clients in brainstorming sessions alongside neutrals with specialist knowledge. This not only creates great ideas but delivers effective brand identities and communications that are relevant and ground-breaking.

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Employee engagement and Communications

We help organisations tell their stories, communicate their purpose and performance, illustrate their difference and express their views in ways that touch hearts and minds. We’re designed for the connected age. Fascinated by human insights. Driven by strategic ideas. Focused on influencing people that matter. This may be done through their employee value propositions, employee branding, innovation initiatives, corporate responsibility reports, capability documents, employee value propositions, or even their PLC communications online.

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We are passionate about designing environments where people love to work, shop and live. We create interior and exterior design, signage and wayfinding systems for workplaces, restaurants, retail environments and hotels. Our environments are changing, where nearly all communication is two-way. No more is this prevalent than in the corporate and retail environment where competition for talent or consumer engagement is fierce. Our approach is to create memorable, engaging, and interactive experiences that embrace an open dialogue.

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Digital and Film

We create innovative digital and social experiences to drive consumer engagement and awareness. We do this through a combination of strategy, creativity, technology and storytelling. While we are focused on delivery of better customer experiences through digital channels, we put this in context with the wider brand strategy and offline brand experiences.

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Contact Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for our most recent updates. For employment inquiries please email us with a few samples of your work. If you are trying to locate the agency, we can be found at Suite 9, 17 Thurlow Street, Redfern New South Wales 2016. Or call 02 8068 2755.