Our services
End of Work prides itself on creating value enhancement for its clients through creative solutions anchored by a strategic approach. We are passionate about distinguishing our clients' brand in the marketplace through fresh ideas, pragmatic design and a dedication to the craft.

Brand Strategy

Informed by market intelligence and insight through strategic workshops, End of Work analyses target audience behaviour, articulates vision and values
and defines the positioning required. Our strategic process is an essential part of establishing a new brand, or revitalising an existing brand.

Brand identity and communications

Obsessive attention to detail and craft are evident 
in all aspects of our brand identity design. As logos
are drawn, colour palettes are defined and fonts 
are crafted, a distinctive brand world is created
to communicate the values of the client. Typical applications for a new brand include stationery, 
brand books and a comprehensive range of printed communications. Bespoke solutions can also be developed, such as signage, livery, digital and social media campaigns.

Branded environments

End of Work offers creative direction for architectural and interior commissions. Working closely with architects and interior stylists, we execute visions 
from concept to completion. We have created 
branded environments including signage and 
wayfinding systems for corporations, restaurants, retail environments and hotels.

Corporate Communications

We help organisations tell their corporate stories, communicate their performance and express
their views in ways that touch hearts and minds. 
This may be done through their annual reports, corporate responsibility reports, capability documents, or even their PLC communications online.


We are about creating captivating relationships
with companies to keep their customers clicking. 
We believe the digital medium is a catalyst to engage users through clever thinking and by delivering that little bit more to people with every interaction. Whether you’re after information, inspiration, entertainment or just some really cool stuff, we create exceptional user experiences across all digital platforms.


We develop and deliver social ideas that aim to connect with audiences in response to our clients’ business and brand challenges. We strive to create brilliant ideas that connect with customers so that
the reliance on paid media can be secondary, maximising returns out of our clients’ opportunities.