Where ideas connect

We are a strategic and creative consultancy that achieves results for our clients by connecting them to their audiences. We connect through ideas that are human and rousing. Relevant yet irreverent communication that helps our clients build loyal communities, reshape mindsets and drive business to get results.

Our purpose is to serve our clients, make their lives easier and help them create meaningful connections for positive outcomes. Connections that improve interactions, solve challenges and unlock potential. Better connections equals better outcomes. When ideas connect anything is possible.

The success of our clients is our highest accolade.

Everything Needs Design

(E. N. D.)


1. We believe in design thinking

Everything starts with understanding the audience, comprehensively. We are fascinated by human insights and the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet audience needs, connect emotionally and drive business success.

2. We believe in the power of ideas

It’s our belief that brilliant ideas are the lifeblood of successful businesses. As a result, we are in constant pursuit of solutions based on strategic thinking – designed to distinguish brands in the marketplace, enhance value and change the way people think. We thrive on creating ideas that inspire people to pay attention while stimulating their curiosity, rewarding their intelligence and therefore creating an emotional bond.

3. We believe everyone is creative

We believe that co-authorship with our clients is critical. That simplicity, combined with depth and authenticity, is essential. We harness in an iterative process in developing solutions. As clients increasingly accept the power of considered design as a means of exploring and solving problems, it creates optimism – a positive force that gives us all the mindset and tools to create a better future.

Founded on shared values

You won’t find the founders' names on the door, we’re a collective of people, ideas and shared values.



We are the most curious agency under the sun.

Understanding audiences is our obsession – their needs, their goals and their reservations. Our secret to success lies in anticipating the future needs of our audiences and giving them what they never knew they wanted. Being curious leads to a deep understanding of people, which helps develop a greater sense of empathy. We dig deeper to ask the right questions to create the right solutions. Curiosity in a team is like a greenhouse for ideas and relationships to grow and flourish. We believe that by cultivating curious teams, they keep green and keep growing.



The disruptions of the connected age bring with them many challenges.

So End of Work’ers are constantly evolving to innovate without fear of failure. We creatively challenge – nothing original came from playing it safe. We encourage experimenting with craft, innovating and vocalising hare-brained ideas. We embrace open expression to generate design solutions and seek diversity in aptitude, interests and thinking. Creating this environment gives us the ability to make connections that are out of the ordinary.



Leave your ego at the door.

Our business is driven by genuinely wanting success for others. We encourage a culture of listening, understanding, acknowledgement and recognition. We approach every new opportunity with open minds and act with integrity. We are believers in the circular economy – if there’s a more sustainable, responsible way to do something, speak up and we’ll try it.

Our people



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