Brands that are
smart, original, and
strategically sharp

End of Work is a branding and design agency based in Sydney, Australia. We build brands that are smart, original, and strategically sharp, brands that deliver commercial results, brands people fall in love with.

We work with businesses that are at a point of inflection, they’re either established and looking to reinvent themselves (like Mirvac, ESV, and Delta), enter new markets or create new names and structures for competitive advantage (like iPrimus and Sura); or they’re from the next generation looking to start up (like Get Commando Fit and Russolini).  

End of Work is at the forefront of brand creation, innovation and stakeholder experiences. From creating consumer brands to corporate brand management, we bring expertise to the intersection of brand strategy, design thinking, technology and innovation – to deliver great outcomes for our clients.



Understand the business and its challenges.

  • Market, brand and business audit
  • Rigour in understanding the target market
  • Detailed research and analysis of the company’s ecosystem
  • Explorative focus groups
  • Leadership interviews
  • Inspire new thinking by discovering what people really need


Develop a strategic platform for action.

  • Strategic recommendations
  • Naming
  • Developing a systems approach
  • Orienting your capabilities
  • Equipping people to deliver
  • Seizing opportunities to create value


Creating ideas that connect.

  • Ideating through design thinking
  • Engaging narrative
  • Brand creation and refreshing
  • Exceptional craft and outstanding creative output
  • Trademarking


Delivering consistency, clarity and simplicity.

  • Designing the brand to life
  • Channel delivery design
  • Experience design
  • Communication planning
  • Brand launch strategies
  • Efficiency in delivery through project management

Whether you’re venturing into new markets, revitalising your offer or deepening audience relationships – through design thinking we are focused on solving problems, facing challenges and creating brand ideas that connect with people and energise teams and organisations to deliver results.

Let’s talk about you.