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Mirvac is a leading Australian property group, with integrated development and asset management capability. They have over 50 years of experience in the property industry with an unmatched reputation for delivering superior products and services across their businesses. Principally located in Australia’s four key cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Mirvac develops, owns and manages assets across the residential, office, retail and industrial sectors, with over $18 billion of assets currently under management.

End of Work have been working with Mirvac for more than a decade across a number of different sectors and business units. Over the years we have helped them with a broad range of brand and communication challenges, everything from brand strategy and identity, stakeholder communications and digital through to residential marketing, and film and content. Shown below are just a few of the highlights.

Brand Purpose

As a fully integrated property company Mirvac creates and owns residential, commercial, industrial, and retail assets across the entire property lifecycle and right across Australia. A huge part of their success is a very loyal and very diverse workforce. Although a key strength, this also presented a challenge: how does Mirvaac maintain a clear and coherent narrative from the bottom up? From one end of the business to the other. 

As an experienced and trusted partner End of Work were engaged to help bring a sense of truth and meaning to the Mirvac brand and together through a series of workshops and interviews we developed a strategy to bring substance to the heart of the business. This would become the catalyst for aligning brand and employee behaviour, with the vision and promise to the customer. The collaboration resulted in a clearly defined purpose for Mirvac — to ‘Reimagine Urban Life’. 

The new purpose inspires Mirvac to reimagine how our cities, in their totality, can be lived; and to create more sustainable, connected and vibrant urban environments hopefully leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. Now embedded throughout the business, the new purpose lies at the heart of every decision – from acquisitions and development to marketing and design – with a single powerful focus. Below is a film produced by End of Work to launch the new purpose to their people.




As an experienced and trusted partner End of Work were engaged to help bring a sense of truth and meaning to the Mirvac brand


The Mirvac Way

The Mirvac Way is a roadshow event held annually across four states where Mirvac’s people can come together, celebrate the year that was, and hear about where the business is going in the years ahead. With desire to encourage a greater understanding of Mirvac’s customers End of Work were engaged to design and run the event as well as produce a raft of content to be shown to Mirvac’s 1,500 employees around the country.

The package showcased large-scale portraits and vox pops from actual customers which were taken across a number of assets. Closing out the show was an epic film shot at a myriad of Mirvac projects across three states again showcasing actual customers talking about their experience with Mirvac and why they keep coming back. The final film was shown on the largest screen possible leaving more than a few staff misty eyed with pride.

Residential Marketing Strategy

With 50-something years experience developing property in Australia Mirvac were keen to make the most of the positive equity built up in the Mirvac brand. The Mirvac Residential team engaged End of Work to consider how best to bring consistency and clarity when marketing their many and varied residential projects and how best to brief marketers about the unique features that come standard on a Mirvac development.

During a series of interviews with the experts from within Mirvac we uncovered a number reasons why Mirvac properties are different to other residential developments. From these ‘differences’ we fashioned a set of narrative themes and crafted stories which could be woven into the marketing of new Mirvac developments going forward. We then produced a set of ‘Not Guidelines’ which were intended to act as an impetus for marketers and agencies when planning out the marketing of new projects.


End of Work helped Mirvac rethink their approach to residential marketing and in the process discovered what it is that makes Mirvac properties world class


Hatch Innovation Program

Hatch is an innovation program within Mirvac designed to harness and provide a pathway to develop ideas into viable products and services. End of Work was tasked with establishing the visual representation of the program and communicating how it worked as part of an effort to embed innovation into the company’s culture.

Inspired by the analogy of ‘the chicken and the egg’ we invented two lovable characters, ‘Hatch’ and ‘Chook’, to represent two different approaches to innovation. ‘Chook’ gets caught up in the new and shiny and rushes in trying out new ideas on the fly without considering all the risks. ‘Hatch’ is slightly more circumspect but risks being left behind. End of Work designed and produced a series of animations introduning the program along with ‘The Hatch Hub’ digital portal and various other collateral to support the program.


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