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Makers on a mission.

Delta is an Australian contract manufacturer supplying the cosmetic, therapeutic and veterinary industries. They’re the name behind some of Australia’s most famous brands. Having established a strong reputation for quality and trust over the past 40 years, market sentiment had shifted and Delta realised their brand must evolve in order to meet current business and market needs. Enter End of Work.

We were engaged to deliver a brand strategy and brand identity for Delta that would ultimately change market perceptions, help them capitalise on competitive advantage and meet unmet needs in the market. We started by talking to people across the entire business, from the boardroom to the packing room, to find out what makes Delta Delta. We discovered what they value most is pride and ownership, innovation and collaboration.

It was immediately apparent that every step in the contract manufacturing process required expert hands, and minds. From the scientists in the lab to the compounders in production to quality assurance on the line, we found a deep commitment to quality, a backbone of knowledge and passion for their craft. This was the catalyst to the brand idea ‘Made for makers’.

In an industry dominated by stark white lab coats and little personality, we set about building a brand that would pack some personality and stand out from the pack. We refreshed the 40-year logo, developed a characteristic brand voice, and created a graphic language based around the beauty of their product and a love of innovative packaging.

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