Vic’s Meat office and showroom


Introducing End of Work’s Vic’s Meat office fitout. We have spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on one of our most ambitious interiors projects to date. A lavish interior project for Vic’s Meat combining a showroom, demonstration area, library, outdoor cooking mecca and corporate office.


Almost 18 months ago we met with Anthony Puharich, Chief Executive Officer of Vic’s Meat, and spoke about the impending overhaul of his Mascot operations upgrading it to include the very latest in meat processing technology. The Vic’s employees were not overlooked with a long overdue refurbishment of the head office.


With an enviable track record including his Ask the Butcher app and television program, Vic’s Meat Market not to mention the now world famous Victor Churchill store, we leapt at the chance to work with Anthony on such a landmark project. Setting out with an initial planning workshop involving Vic’s employees from across the business we then went to town developing the overarching concept; spacial planning and layout, material selection, lighting selection, furniture design and selection and even producing bespoke fixings, wallpaper and pinboards. We worked with Koskela, Jardan, Harriet Goodall to realise various elements throughout the space and our close friends Those Architects who developed the construction documentation and handled the contract management.