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Royal Naval House is a commercial office building located on Grosvenor Street in Sydney’s CBD and part of the Grosvenor Place precinct. Originally conceived as amenities building for the Royal Australian Navy to provide meals and accommodation for seamen while on shore leave the building was housing almost 1,500 men a night at its peak during World War II.

Royal Naval House opened to considerable fanfare in 1890. At the time its architectural status rivalled that of the GPO and Sydney Town Hall. Its richly decorated Queen Anne Revivalist facade is the work of renowned architect Varney Parkes. Later updates undertaken by Government Architect Walter Liberty Vernon.

End of Work developed an integrated campaign positioning Royal Naval House as a one-of-a-kind opportunity targeting edgy, left-of-centre businesses. Businesses that want to do something different. We invited prospective tenants to look past the existing fitout and embrace their creativity, suggesting that Royal Naval House is the place to create your own. The campaign sees the building’s distinctive architectural elements distilled into simple colourful blocks to be reconfigured into something new. Something for today’s workforce. Something amazing. Attracting the best tenant for the building’s owners and in-tern bringing the best out of the building.

A new logo was designed to synergize with the Grosvenor Place identity, its arched form is drawn from Royal Naval House’s distinctive entrance and references early badges used by the Royal Australian Navy. End of Work also produced a sales brochure, website, advertising campaign, email marketing, sales experience, and brand film.

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