Connect with—Education

How do you (re)position your brand as a leading and world-class educational institution? How do you connect with students, parents and guardians? How do you illustrate your institution’s strategic plan and values? Lots of challenges, but also lots of opportunities.

Our human-centred design approach enables us to understand the complexity of trusted guardianship considerations, return on investment propositions and the plethora of choice that the education sector represents. We pit creativity against these challenges to deliver brands that resonate with relevance and uniqueness.


Gain a deep understanding of your strengths, your weaknesses, available opportunities and potential threats. Establish your brand’s role and value proposition to influence the decision making process for students, parents and guardians.

Develop the right positioning, strategy and systems to harness your competitive advantage.

Create an effective brand identity, environments, culture, communications and marketing plans.

Optimise the customer journey across the full range of touch points; and importantly, embed acquisition strategies for prospect lead generation.


Successful educational branding is the result of an institution’s image, reputation, values and behaviors reflected by the entire school community.

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