Hereford True Beef Brand strategy, naming and identity

True, free range beef
The way nature intended

Hereford True Beef is a beef brand developed and owned by Herefords Australia as a key component of its overall strategic plan for the Hereford breed. Targeting the high-end food service sector in Australia and overseas the product is based on the highest eating quality with a strong emphasis on primal and sub primal cuts.

End of Work were engaged to bring the brand to life. We began by immersing ourselves in the beef industry and speaking to everyone from stock and station agents to breeders and graziers to meat wholesalers to butchers and chefs. We focused our efforts around a number of truths. The prevalent yield-above-all model of feed lot finishing goes against the very nature and temperament of Herefords. The Hereford was one of the first beef cattle breeds to step ashore in Australia and is arguably our most adaptable and enduring cattle breed. Herefords are also known for their easy-going, good nature helping them to adjust and thrive in challenging environments. It also means they are generally contented, happy animals. And the simple fact that cows were bred to eat grass.

End of Work established the name, Hereford True Beef

End of Work established the name, Hereford True Beef, centering it around four core ideas – Herefords thrive in paddocks eating grass just as nature intended. Grass-fed beef is better for you with higher levels of beta carotene, conjugated linoleic acid (cancer-fighting CLA), Vitamin A and E and a higher balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. Given Hereford’s laid-back temperament and natural suitability to free ranging, there’s less stress, which translates into better taste. And the burnt red pelts of Hereford cattle are an indelible part of the Australian landscape. From here we set about building a rich and authentic visual identity. The logo is based around the easy-going temperament of Hereford cattle, the symbol references the Herefords iconic white face, and the stylised heart is a reference to both the happy animal and the passionate chef who turns the beef into something amazing. With a strong emphasis on the Herefords blazing red pelts the visual identity was applied to a range of packaging, brand book and website as well as a raft of launch collateral.

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