Mirvac's Innovation Program

'Hatch' Mirvac's innovation program

Mirvac Property group had a goal to take a more proactive and structured approach to innovation and evolve from the typical reactive nature of large organisations. Historically, innovation had been largely driven by a small subset of passionate people who had to go against the system to have their ideas heard.

Hatch is an Innovation culture initiative for Mirvac. End of Work were tasked with communicating and embedding the innovation initiative into the company's people culture. 

Inspired by the analogy of  'Chicken and Egg' concept and 'Chicken crossing the road". End of Work created a digital platform called Hatch, we invented two loveable characters to represent the two types of physcological approaches to innovation. The first 'Hatch' the dare devil egg and 'Chook' the cautious chicken. We created a series of animated films to depict the story of Mirvac's innovation process through the two characters and their adventures.

This effective idea, we rolled out a full communication suite that helped communicate the culture of innovation by placing the customer at the heart of everything Mirvac does. The outcome created a group of champions who have been instrumental in driving innovation across all divisions of Mirvac. A campaign that boosted employee engagement that has broken down silos and encouraged cross-functional collaboration when solving problems.

Watch the adventures of 'Hatch and Chook' below.

two characters
HAtch portal
hatch mobile