Sydney Swans film series

HCF Healthy choice series

What makes us? Is it our health, our life?  What drives us as people… as fathers, mothers, daughters, sons or teammates? It’s a passion, an energy and vitality for life that drives us. Our inspiration comes from the everyday champion, even if that person happens to be a Sydney Swan. What does ‘health’ mean to a Sydney Swan’s football payer?

Commissioned by HCF Health Insurance to create a series of mini films, we created the 'HCF Healthy Choice' series. The film series follows the lives of five Sydney Swan football players. We hear their human and emotional stories, their life fears, joys and triumphs. We hear the pressures and health issues a professional athlete faces – on and off the field. 

We follow the stories of the youngest player and Rising Star Isaac Heeney, fearless co-captain Jarrad McVeigh, the giant Kurt Tippett, diabetic Brandon Jack and the two time grand final winning legend Jude Bolton